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Bringing the "Idaho Stop" to Arizona

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Other Places with the "Idaho Stop"

In the USA:


Colorado has passed Legislation allowing individual cities to make their own rules.  So Far a few cities have already adopted the Idaho Stop.

Colorado now allows individual cities to enact such laws. 

So Far Breckenrigde, Aspen and Dillion have passed "Stop as Yield" laws.  Summit county also passed a "Stop as YIeld Law.



Delaware has their own version called the "Delaware Yield"



In 2018 in Utah, a bicycling measure that would allow cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs came close to passing.

It passed in the House by 58-11 vote!  And it cleared the Senate transportation committee, but the legislative session ended before it got to a final vote in the Senate.

Here is the text of the bill:

The sponsor, Senator Todd Weiler, has reintroduced the bill for 2019 and it again passed easily out of the House but this time failed 2-3 in the Senate Transportation committee.

In other countries:

Paris France has adopted a version of the Idaho Stop


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