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Bringing the "Idaho Stop" to Arizona

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Other Places with the "Idaho Stop"

In the USA:


In 2019 Arkansas passed their version of the "Idaho Stop". Link to the Bill

The rules are exactly the same as the Idaho Stop rules: Treat red lights as stop signs and treat stop signs as yield signs.
They also followed Idaho by allowing bicycles to treat red lights as yield signs when making right hand turns.


Colorado has passed Legislation allowing individual cities to make their own rules.  So Far a few cities have already adopted the Idaho Stop.

Colorado now allows individual cities to enact such laws. 

So Far Breckenrigde, Aspen and Dillion have passed "Stop as Yield" laws.  Summit county also passed a "Stop as Yield Law.


Delaware has their own version called the "Delaware Yield"

North Dakota:

North Dakota passes a Stop as Yield law for bicyclists on 2 lane roads only. House Bill 1252 was signed by the Governor on March 17, 2021

News about the bill can be found at the North Dakota Active Transportation Alliance


Stop as Yield has passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives as of March 30, 2021


Effective Jan. 1, 2020 Oregon allows bicycles to treat Stop signs as yield signs. But red lights are still treated traditionally.


UPDATE: Utah "Stop as Yield" law has passed and goes into effect May 5, 2021. The new law will allow bicyclists to treat Stop signs as Yield signs.

The text of the Utah Stop as Yield law can be found on the Utah State Legislature.


As of 2020 Washington has followed Oregon allowing for Stop signs to be treated as Yield signs. However Red lights must still turn green before proceeding.

In other countries:

Paris France has adopted a version of the Idaho Stop


Similar laws:

Several States have defective red light laws, which allow motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles to proceed through a red light after stopping for a set amount of time.

Here is a sample from Wisconsin:


4. Notwithstanding subd. 1., a motorcycle, moped, motor bicycle, or bicycle facing a red signal at an intersection may, after stopping as required under subd. 1. for not less than 45 seconds, proceed cautiously through the intersection before the signal turns green if no other vehicles are present at the intersection to actuate the signal and the operator of the motorcycle, moped, motor bicycle, or bicycle reasonably believes the signal is vehicle actuated. The operator of a motorcycle, moped, motor bicycle, or bicycle proceeding through a red signal under this subdivision shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicular traffic, pedestrian, bicyclist, or rider of an electric personal assistive mobility device proceeding through a green signal at the intersection or lawfully within a crosswalk or using the intersection. This subdivision does not affect any authorization for a bicyclist under subd. 2.


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